Joel Cotton (MRes Biosciences)

Joel is using a combination of experimental and comparative approaches to investigate the conspicuous markings found on the rears of animals. He aims to work our whether they have an antipredator function, and if so, how they work.



White-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus by Moxfyre CC4.0

Emilie Booth (BSc Zoology)

Emilie’s project investigated secondary defensive traits that also have a primary visual component, for example spines and claws, and what role they have in multicomponent aposematic signalling.

Yasmine Garland (BSc Zoology)

Yasmine studied whether feeding enrichment could reduce sterotyped behaviour in captive Asian short-clawed otters.

Ruby Hammett (BSc Zoology)

Ruby conducted a field predation experiment aimed at investigating whether eyespot markings really do mimic the eyes of predators’ predators.

Sophie Repton (BSc Zoology)

Sophie ran a comparative project investigating what factors influence the morphology of the mammalian middle ear bones.