I am module coordinator for BIO0342 Sensory Ecology, an optional 3rd year module available to Zoology, Marine Biology and Biology students. The course covers how and why animals acquire, process and respond to information. The module emphasises the interdisciplinary nature of studying sensory systems, beginning with the physics that defines the structure of information in the environment, through to the anatomy, neurophysiology, perceptual psychology and psychophysics that aims to understand how this information is sensed, processed and perceived, and finally the behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology that seeks proximate and ultimate explanations for sensory systems.

The module is delivered through 10 lectures and a practical, where students build a smartphone spectrophotometer to investigate the colour of environmental light.

In 2017/18 I will be teaching with Dr. Kevin Arbuckle and Dr Emily Shepard on a 2nd year module Tetrapod Evolution, available to all students on Swansea’s Bioscience degree programmes.